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First a quick intro, my name is Jason EagleSpeaker. I am Blackfoot & Duwamish and grew up on two reservations (Blood Tribe in Southern Alberta, Canada and Muckleshoot Tribe near Auburn, Washington).

I am an internationally published Native Education Author, Best Selling Graphic Novelist, Grassroots Communications Consultant and Resource Developer.

I've been employed by others and self-employed, and found tremendous success in both worlds. I will go into my story a bit later - for now let me get right to the point:


Crazy numbers, I know.

I've never actually disclosed sales figures before and only decided to reveal them because I truly want you to be inspired by example. Inspiration by example resonates the deepest and that's what "7 Teachings To Success" is all about. Its learning directly from those at the top of their game and applying it to your own situation. Just wait until you see my guest list - tons of inspirational people doing inspirational things!

Taking your life and career to the next level needs a strong foundation, "7 Teachings To Success" will help you build yours ...

10 seminars, 10 weeks, 10 topics

Most of the online seminars are only 60-90 minutes long, including podcasts, custom downloadable handouts, newsletters, interviews, call-ins, surveys, Q&A's, blogs etc etc.You can even check them out on your own time.

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