I've been told Indians come from India and that the dudes in tipis and sweat lodges are Native Americans, Aboriginal, Native Canadians or First Nations people, yet you use the word ‘ndn’ in your comics. Is this all just political correctness going mad? - Christina C.

It all depends on who you're talking to, all terms are acceptable (except maybe Redskin, its one of those words you only say if you are one). Look at it this way - Native people, like anyone, prefer to be called by their actual name.

North American Indian people (Canada & USA) should be best understood as literally thousands of communities and cultures - there is no one-size fits all. As you learn more about us, you learn that each community has distinct languages, religious beliefs, ceremonies, challenges, social & political systems etc. Choosing just one of the above words says very little about the diversity, independence and uniqueness of our cultures.

Just like other cultures around the world, our diversity is obvious ... when you look a little closer. Just as an Irish person wouldn't like to be referred to as Scottish, so are the differences among Native people.

Personally, I am half Blackfoot and half Duwamish. I would prefer if you asked me about which tribe(s) I am from, rather than just label me with one name.