I heard this was all started by one guy ... for real??? - Mitta P.

In all honesty, the answer is yes!

“How does that work?”, you ask. Sit back, grab a couple fresh frybread & I’ll break it down for you:

First, decide what your passion is: mine was to connect Natives with opportunities way beyond our cultural realms, and raise our own funds with cool graphic novels and comics

Then, make a decision: "When dealing with others, do I wanna put up walls or do I wanna build bridges?"

Then, make a plan: "How do I find local resources to help me with my goals? Who can help me? What should I ask?"

Then, ask for help: don’t just ask The Creator, ask people too. Its amazing how much you can get when you ask.

Then, follow through: good words mean nothing until they amount to something ... or you’re talking loud & saying nothing

Finally, always stay grateful: pack your bags, we’re going on an ego trip! Never forget where you came from.

Growing up I was always told that one person isn’t enough to make a difference ... that couldn't be further from the truth. Fortunately I had role models that showed me otherwise and this organization is the result.

Never let anyone say that you can’t make a change. You’re like a lone rock thrown into the middle of a big lake ... your ripples always reach the shore ...