In school, We just read "We're More Than Just Beads & Feathers". It really made me think. Please tell me more about what you meant by that phrase - Cathy P.

I grew up deeply rooted in both Blackfoot & Duwamish culture.

I was basically conceived, born and raised at powwows. As a young dancer we would perform in front of thousands and thousands of people. My family even had a dance troupe that traveled the world!

After my grandpa passed away, I was back dancing in front of HUGE crowds at the Calgary Stampede grandstand. This time was different though. I looked into the audience and wondered “why do they cheer wildly for me when I am wearing my powwow outfit and entertaining them - but ridicule and even laugh at me when I am wearing street clothes?”

My 10 year old self decided then and there that I wanted to show the world “we’re more than just beads and feathers”. Been doing it ever since.