I am in the tenth grade and I can't stand these teachers anymore. Should I just drop out and get a job? - Dylan C.

Thinking of dropping out and making the big money, huh? I'll just leave out the sweet talk, then. I have a few different perspectives to lay on you. So before you drop out, please read on:

#1 FUNNY - If you're gonna drop out in the 10th grade, then you may as well drop out in the 2nd grade ... because you will be qualified for the exact same jobs. Actually, the guy that dropped out in the 2nd grade will probably have 8 years more work experience than you! My mama used to say to me and my brothers "Listen, I can barely afford kids...let alone dumb kids!" (or the ever popular "If you think education is difficult...try being stupid!")

#2 HARSH REALITY - If you think dealing with teachers is tough ... wait until you have a boss. Most won't wanna hear about your self esteem or any of your problems. They will want results or they will find someone else. Especially when you're working minimum wage. Do you know what your boss is trying to say when they pay you minimum wage? They're saying "If I could pay you less, I would ... but it's against the law"

#3 THINK BEYOND YOURSELF - Google "residential school system". You are a bit young to have personally experienced this, but schooling for many Native people up to about 30 years ago was often more about abuse than education. Education was definitely a not a word thrown around lightly - it was something one had to fight for. Today, the only thing surrounding you is opportunities for education. When my grandma was young, she dreamed of having the freedom to work ... when my mom was young she dreamed of finding a job that made her happy ... when I was young i dreamed of running the whole company ... seeing the current President of the United States - Barrack Obama - my kids (and you) can now dream of running an entire country ...

Dropping out is never a solution. Keep your head in the books and think about the freedom of expression that knowledge will give you.

You know that weight you feel on your shoulders right now? Turn to your left and take a real close look at it. You know what it is? It's the world, bro ... and we're depending on you, we need you out here!