Is there anything I can do in school, right now, that will help me learn how to run my own company? There's gotta be more to school than just memorizing stuff! - Sheryl V.

I learned life's most important lessons, before I was 10.

Elders have had it right all along, sincere traditional values can fulfill all your dreams. (Respect, humility, love, truth, wisdom, honesty and bravery are all traditional values)

There are three keys to success:
#1 – Hard Work – which we can all do
#2 – Talent – which we all have
… and the most overlooked, but most important …
#3 – Meeting The Right People – when you have sincere traditional values, The 'Right People' will want to know you … and your work …

Being an a**hole is never a wise investment.

True respect comes from how you live, not from what you demand.

Traditional values = people skills

School is an excellent training ground to test, perfect and hone your traditional values and how you conduct yourself towards others. Whether we admit it or not - racism, bigotry, cultural ignorance, sexism & discrimination all exist there - in one convenient place. Use your time in school wisely and you will be more than prepared for anything the world throws at you.

Formal education can make you a living, self-education can make you a fortune - master both!