I heard that native people don't have to pay any taxes. Is that true? - Kris R.

Yes, we have to pay taxes, just like all other North Americans in Canada and the USA. Income Tax, Provincial/State Taxes, Property Taxes, GST (Canada) ... you name it!

Taxation issues on reserves continue to be re-examined, this ongoing debate often gives people the impression that individuals, rather than tribes, do not pay taxes.

In Canada - when it comes to income taxes, GST and provincial sales tax - Natives living on-reserve do not pay income tax on the income they earn while working on-reserve. Natives also do not pay the GST or provincial sales tax for goods or services purchased on the reservation.

Natives that live off-reserve have to pay all these taxes, though. We get no tax breaks if we leave the rez. ... geez, too cheap ...

... However, check this out ... there are a few retail stores in Canada that do recognize Indian Tax Exemption status ... next time you’re at Sears or Canadian Tire, pull out your Status Card and ask about “point of sale tax exemption” .... (save some money on those winter tires or that bedroom suite) ...

So, yes, we have to pay taxes. The real question is: Do we want to pay taxes?