Did all tribes live in tipis? - Harold G.

My late grandpa, Glen EagleSpeaker, chillin' behind the family tipi.

tssss ... only at the Indian Village!

If you check out some of those old westerns from back in the day, Natives were always portrayed as living in tipis, wearing fancy warbonnets, war whooping etc. This mixed with some of the old Bugs Bunny & Disney cartoons may have contributed to an assumption that all Natives live that way.

Many Plains tribes were nomadic and did live in tipis, but other tribes never used a tipi at all. Other types of Native homes included Longhouses (some Coastal tribes), Thatched-roof houses (some Southeast tribes in the US), Pueblos or Adobe homes (some Desert tribes in the US), Communal dwellings—log houses (like the Huron out East) ... the list goes on.

My family's "traditional" Halloween Tipi


Remember - Google is your friend! Nowadays, its all different. I ain’t never met a Native that lives in a tipi year round.

Maybe during powwow season, but all year???

I think most people would be like ... “UMMM ... what’s up with the Super Indian shivering in his tipi in mid-January?” ...