I'm broke ... my entire family is broke ... I'm starting to think that goals are only for people with money ... is there anything I can do? - Kayla K.

WOW ... first of all, you need to tell yourself that goals have nothing to do with money.

However, your goals do need fuel: Coordination, Collaboration, Cooperation and Communication. The great thing about “The 4 C’s” is: they are completely free.

The most valuable lessons I learned in life didn’t cost me anything. The difference is: I paid close attention and realized how they could work for me

What do i do when I have a goal & no money?

  1. Communicate my goals to others
  2. Collaborate with those I respect
  3. Cooperate with people who can help me
  4. Coordinate our efforts so we’re all on the same page.

A belief in the greater good is also essential. Ask others for help. Soon you will realize that you are surrounded by people that can’t wait to help you.

You just have to take a bit more initiative.