A Day At The Powwow launches Friday, December 16th ... and we want to feature your amazing grayscale photo coloring in our promotions.


As promised, here are your free high-resolution grayscale powwow photo coloring pages.

  1. Pick the grayscale page you want to color (or choose them all)
  2. Click the button to download your choice
  3. Print, Color, then Scan your colorful creation
  4. Email to jason@eaglespeaker.com or post on our Facebook Fan Page

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**FYI - these pdf pages are personal-use copies, not meant for public distribution**


The Cover Photo

The lady in the photo is a Fancy Shawl Dancer. Her handmade beaded barrette with eagle feather plumes is absolutely breathtaking. As intricate as it is, a "professional" powwow beader could create one of these in a day or so (unlike me, I'd take years).

Tiny Tot

Dressed in favorite Ladies Traditional powwow outfit, this baby is all smile. For babies and toddlers, most powwows have special "Tiny Tots" dances, where countless little cuties dance for the crowd ... makes me smile thinking about it.

Blackfoot Warbonnet

The Blackfoot have continued to wear traditional headdresses at special ceremonies. They are worn mostly by elected chiefs, members of various traditional societies (including the Horn, Crazy Dog and Motokik societies), powwow dancers and spiritual leaders.