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We're dedicated to education, engagement and empowerment. Our mission is to model Indigenous entrepreneurial success, advance grassroots creativity, build self determination, enable cultural identity & pride, and promote community participation.

We create amazing graphic novel-inspired resources and provide grassroots communications consulting services.

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our brand new indigenous GREYSCALE PHOTO coloring book

A Day At The Powwow

Grayscale photo coloring unlike any you've ever experienced. What better way to begin this new series than with a huge celebration ... which is what powwows are all about ... a celebration of Indigenous culture, dance and friendships. If you've never been to a powwow, you are in for a unique experience ... the rich colors of the regalia, the vibrancy of the textures, the diversity of the dances - your amazement is assured! Now, for the first time ever, add your own color to an inspiring collection of greyscale powwow photos and make your coloring projects authentically Indigenous.


available now

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three brand new indigenous LINE ART coloring books

NAPI: A Coloring Experience

Based on our best selling "NAPI The Trixster" Indigenous graphic novel/self-help series, this brand new coloring book is unlike any you've ever seen.

UNeducation: A Coloring Experience

Based on our most popular series, "UNeducation: A Residential School Graphic Novel, this coloring experience is an amazing introduction to very difficult subject matter.

The Completely Capricious Coloring Collection

This random collection of our Indigenous line art covers the gamut, from alternate comics to unused characters to Coastal masks to crazy promos to new stuff - its all in there.


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you deserve a full and proper education

UNeducation: A Residential School Graphic Novel

OUR MOST POPULAR RESOURCE! The chilling chronicles of a family's exploitation in the mandatory residential school system. Jam-packed with survivor interviews, tragic stories, powerful photos, poignant articles, graphic illustrations and unique perspectives from Indigenous people throughout North America.

UNeducation is used in schools, universities, corrections facilities, youth groups, addictions programs, government agencies and healing initiatives throughout North America (and beyond). If you hunger for authentic information & honest history, this book is for you!

**Available in two versions, UNcut and PG, in both paperback and e-book**



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NAPI The Trixster

NAPI is a trickster ... a trouble maker ... a foolish being ... he teaches us what not to do.

Blackfoot people have been using NAPI as an educational/motivational tool for thousands of years. Countless generations have survived, and thrived, from the priceless knowledge that NAPI introduces.

It is said that Napi could talk with all living things--the animals, plants, rocks, everything. He teased, pulled pranks, many times on himself. His actions began a cycle of existence. Every Blackfoot family has their own interpretation of the various Napi stories, but each has a common moral in the ending. One story might teach a lesson or prove a point; another story may tell of how a certain part of nature came to be. All Blackfoot people know of Napi, from the serious side of his creation to his foolish and spiteful deeds.

NAPI’s powerful lessons of strength, struggle and traditional values are now yours. NAPI will help you realize the limitless power of traditional values, and how seeking integrity-based results leads directly to tremendous career and life success.


your path to success

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This character education is so accessible, from the short stories and the comic book layout to the poignant story titles and the story summary / learnings. This addresses a need for our youth and should definitely be read by native families looking for culturally appropriate sources that engage learning.
— NAPI Review
This was a very raw and difficult read. As an intergenerational survivor of the Residential School system I often wonder how my life would have been different had my family not been subjected to the cultural genocide perpetrated by the Canadian Government and the church. It’s an important story to share and while difficult to read I hope it gave the author some release from his trauma. It’s a story known too well by many.
— uneducation review
I love this book! It brings us back to the basics of indigenous values, most prominently, respect for all life. It reminds us that storytelling is an effective way to teach our young people that allows them to maintain their integrity and make the best possible decisions in life as respectable members of their community. Its a way to help them strengthen their roots, which will allow them to grow and withstand all of the elements and seasons of life.
— napi review
This book gives history a severe kick in the a**. I teach high school social studies through the lens of an Indigenous person, and have urged my students to read this book over the summer. I encourage students to read comics, graphic novels, zines, and your non-traditional printing of text, as this is a way I have found that students can enjoy reading. This book will keep the reader glued to the pages as they read text from a Native author, through Native lens, and a Native perspective. This book is not an opinion is truth
— uneducation review



Authentic knowledge and authentic perspectives from authentic Indigenous people, we honor the past and focus on the future. 



About Our Founder

jason eaglespeaker

Only a few short years after the Occupation of Alcatraz, the Wounded Knee Incident and the Shootout at Pine Ridge Reservation ... a boy was conceived.

Born in Seattle, raised on four reservations and in two cities, Jason EagleSpeaker is both Blackfoot and Duwamish – the one his family called “that li’l half-buffalo, half-salmon ndn”.

Today, he is a nationally published education author, graphic novelist, successful social entrepreneur and grassroots communications consultant. Based in Calgary, Canada, he travels extensively with his 4 children, collaborating on endless non-fiction works. His hard hitting true stories reveal the modern experiences of North American Indigenous people (the strengths and the struggles).

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