NAPI - The Trixster

NAPI is a trickster ... a trouble maker ... a foolish being ... he teaches us what not to do.

Blackfoot people have been using NAPI as an educational/motivational tool for thousands of years. Countless generations have survived, and thrived, from the priceless knowledge that NAPI introduces.

It is said that Napi could talk with all living things--the animals, plants, rocks, everything. He teased, pulled pranks, many times on himself. His actions began a cycle of existence. Every Blackfoot family has their own interpretation of the various Napi stories, but each has a common moral in the ending. One story might teach a lesson or prove a point; another story may tell of how a certain part of nature came to be. All Blackfoot people know of Napi, from the serious side of his creation to his foolish and spiteful deeds.

As a young boy, I gathered every NAPI story I could find (there’s hundreds!). As a young man, I realized these valuable insights should be shared with the world. NAPI’s powerful lessons of strength, struggle and traditional values are now yours.

NAPI will help you realize the limitless power of traditional values, and how seeking integrity-based results leads directly to tremendous career and life success.

How we treat ourselves, how we treat our kids/family, how we treat our friends and how we treat our community is the true test of our Indigenous spirit and goodwill. Respect, humility, truth, wisdom, honesty, gratitude, love - they lay a foundation for everything else.

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