by Jason Eaglespeaker

NAPI is a trickster ... a trouble maker ... a foolish being ... he teaches us what not to do.

Blackfoot people have been using NAPI as an educational/motivational tool for thousands of years. Countless generations have survived, and thrived, from the priceless knowledge that NAPI introduces. With five books in one, they are sure to stimulate young minds:

  1. NAPI & THE ROCK - When NAPI gives his robe away to a rock -- then takes it back -- he learns a valuable lesson about sharing.

  2. NAPI & THE BULLBERRIES - When NAPI finds a huge bush of his favorite berries -- he learns a valuable lesson about paying attention.

  3. NAPI & THE WOLVES - When NAPI is warned not to jump too long on the ice --- he quickly learns a gross lesson about the value of listening.

  4. NAPI & THE BUFFALO - When NAPI makes the buffalo laugh -- then takes it way too far -- he learns a valuable lesson about greed.

  5. NAPI & THE ELK - When the Elk blindly follow NAPI everywhere -- they learn a valuable lesson about trust.

Level 2 is for Rookie Readers - simple sentences, sight words, words to sound out, Indigenous humor, moral dilemmas

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