by Lucille Provost, Dolly Yellow Wings and Jason Eaglespeaker

HOW THE EARTH WAS CREATED - Piikani Blackfoot History, gathered together from the various Creation stories. Intended for our children and their families, as a part of Canadian History, printed for all.

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IF I COULD DREAM FOR PIIKANI TODAY - Replant seeds of hope for the power of having dreams and becoming empowered to achieve them. This book is written by the people of Piikani, for the people of Piikani. Thank you for your bravery and for inspiring those around you.

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INSPIRATION FOR GROWTH - Welcome to your own journey, a “choose your own adventure” in learning opportunities! The intention of this workbook is to support your learning journey from where you are at today to where you want to be, one day, one step, at a time.

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