We all have amazing stories to tell … from the beginning we have helped unpublished authors get published, inspiring by example. In 2016, we took it a step further and began accepting manuscripts (and collaboration ideas) for publishing. From graphic novels to memoirs to poetry books to kid's books to Indigenous language books to heartbreaking accounts -- we offer it all. Publishing with us is completely free! Our pool of Indigenous talent is overflowing, here is how you can publish a book too:


Submit Your Manuscript

Is your book completely done, or almost done (or you need help getting started)? We accept all genres. From novels to cookbooks to photo books to children's books to poetry books - you name it. FYI - we require text to be in Word, and image files to be high resolution (300dpi or more)


Collaborate on a children's book

Your life experience is a teacher, your struggle is a healer. Turn your personal story of struggle into an illustrated storybook and use your life experience to educate and empower others. Even if you're not a writer, as long as you can remember, you can collaborate and share your story.

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Create The Ultimate Business Card

No matter the size of your business, standing out from the crowd is the key to success. Imagine handing a potential client a book about your business, and your message - instead of just a business card (which is easily lost). Stand out immediately, we can make it happen.