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    1. UNeducation: A Coloring Experience
    2. NAPI: A Coloring Experience
    3. The Completely Capricious Coloring Collection
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UNeducation: A Coloring Experience

By popular demand, UNeducation will finally be available as a coloring book. If you've already read the graphic novel, consider this a companion piece ... to further engage people with the difficult subject matter. This coloring book is about 90% complete, with some minor visual details yet to be fixed. Your feedback about content and style is also appreciated. UNeducation: A Coloring Experience officially launches on Amazon (and our website) on Friday, November 25th. 

NAPI: A Coloring Experience

Based on our best selling "NAPI The Trixster" graphic novel series, and inspired by an anonymous reviewer, this brand new coloring book takes our NAPI comic pages and SUPERSIZES them. We also throw in some bonus never-seen-before alternate versions, and leave it up to you to add your own speech bubbles, your own words, your own story. NAPI: A Coloring Experience officially launches on Amazon (and our website) on Friday, November 25th.

The Completely Capricious Coloring Collection

Think of it as a reboot. We originally released it a couple years back, in very limited quantities. This random collection of Indigenous images covers the gamut, from unused comics to unseen characters to Coastal masks to crazy promos to new stuff - its all in there. The Completely Capricious Coloring Collection re-releases on Amazon (and our website) hopefully on Friday, November 25th ... but, it may take longer, so we can jam in more coolness.