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Connect directly with a published local author! Be entertained, hear a reading, ask questions, learn from special guests, and get a book signed during these fun and informative events. Great for schools, bookstores, libraries and family events. Contact us with your ideas.

Promo Materials

Easily create an author display to match our growing selection of books. We can help provide: coloring pages, activity pages, author bios, book cards, door prizes, book marks, behind the scenes, flyers, photos, sneak peeks - or give us your amazing ideas to ponder.


Book Booth

Want us to set up our little book booth at your upcoming conference, convention, special event, cultural event or what have you? Depending on availability and distance, we will gladly come out and hook up your attendees in person. Simply contact us

Distribute Our Books

Whether you're running a booth at the local craft fair or you're a book buyer for the biggest library in the universe - we've got you covered. All of our titles are also available at wholesale cost. Directly through us, or via wholesaler catalogs such as Ingram or Baker & Taylor



Not sure where to look for your next presenter? Not sure how to harness your life experience to educate and empower others? Not sure how to share your stories of personal struggle with an eager world? Our founder, Jason Eaglespeaker, can show you how he has done all that and more.

Customize your talk

From treaty rights to cultural practices to land claims to residential school impacts to crafts to regalia to whatever subject you need expertise on, we can connect you with a solid presenter (or point you in the right direction). Simply contact us with your ideas.