The UNcut, UNcensored legends of a Blackfoot trixster

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UNeducation, Vol 1 FLYER ... click either image below to download the pdf ...

**prints double-sided on 8.5 x 11 inch paper (letter size)** ...

A BRIEF HISTORY OF FRYBREAD ... this cool comic was actually included with our original fundraiser ... our 5-Minute Frybread Kits (which, sadly, we no longer sell) ... click either image below to download the pdf ...

**prints double-sided on 8.5 x 11 inch paper (letter size)** ...


The Connection (www.eaglespeaker.com) is dedicated to education, engagement and empowerment. Our mission is to model entrepreneurialism, advance creativity, build determination, enable cultural identity & pride, and promote community participation.

Engage, Empower, Evolve

Now in its 12th year! A unique free access program that aims to provide safe and healthy recreational activities and lifestyle choices to Native youth (and their families) - who are at increased risk of childhood obesity, diabetes, participation in gang-related activities, drug abuse, and suicide. Engage, Empower, Evolve aims to direct the popularity of contemporary activities among Native people towards essential life-long skills and positive physical and mental health benefits. Click here for tons of great photos.

Grassroots Fundraising

The Connection combines community participation with graphic novels, comics, graphic art, photography and education to create our own unique culture.

Our hard hitting publications are used in government agencies, social service programs, school districts, post secondary institutions, corrections centers, substance abuse programs - you name it!

They've also been featured in countless media - including APTN National News, CBC International, Alberta Native News. New Tribe Magazine, Tsinnikksi and First Nations Drum.

Proceeds go directly into community programs.


The Connection is staffed by a group of dedicated staff and volunteers who donate their services, expertise, and limited financial resources to serve Native people. With no central office, full-time staff, marketing budget, or major financial support, we rely on our computers, cell phones, and a core team of dedicated grassroots writers, illustrators, youth, cultural advisors, and community professionals to produce unique programs and contemporary educational publications.

Contact Us to become part of the team!

Illustrators (Pro, Amateur, Confident, Shy)

We collaborate on a number of awesome projects!

Special projects are also available!

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"Today A Reader, Tomorrow A Leader"

Comic/Graphic Novel Literacy Program


Whether you're 12 or 112, literacy is essential.  Here's a chance to take your writing skills to the next level, in a series of upcoming hard-hitting Native graphic novels. We meet regularly online and, sometimes, right in your community!

Collaborate, coordinate, cooperate and communicate ...

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... simple ... borrow & trade comics, get prizes ... why should early readers read comics? ... because THEY WANT TO ...

We help early readers build their own comic & graphic novel library - through home, through school, or even through our own mobile comic/graphic novel library.

For schools, we can even go a step further and organize full custom graphic novel/comic literacy initiatives, with unique incentives and awards.

Contact Us to get more details.


Rather than more work, we make your job easier. Our custom built programs surround you with:

  • parent and community support
  • exciting literacy incentives
  • an easy access library of fantastic comics/graphic novels
  • the latest in communication and social networking strategies
  • custom literacy posters, handouts, charts, displays etc.

... here's a sample of what our "Today A Reader, Tomorrow A Leader" literacy program could look like for your students ... custom designed around graphic novels and comics ... click the image to download your own pdf copy ...

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