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“My story begins as a young boy on the Kainai reservation in Standoff, Alberta, Canada. My late grandparents, Glen & Leona EagleSpeaker, were renowned Blackfoot artists, storytellers and people. I traveled the world with them, while they taught me the immeasurable value of storytelling -- as a tool to educate, inspire and empower others. In an era long before social media, my grandparents reached people all over the globe.

My grandfather passed away when I was merely 10 years old. His memory fuels my work. My grandmother passed away just this year, in June. Her memory fuels how I live my life.

As you'll see from our exclusive selection of authentically Indigenous graphic novels, memoirs, novels, language books, children’s books, coloring books and more - by me and our growing group of amazing grassroots authors - I have since taken my grandparents’ grassroots guidance to a whole new level.”

- Jason Eaglespeaker, Founder/Owner of Eaglespeaker Publishing