Jason EagleSpeaker


20+ years experience in Indigenous arts, culture and programs

  • FNMI engagement & empowerment through culture, social inclusion, recreation and the arts
  • Extensive grassroots following
  • Comic, poster & graphic design
  • Report preparation and resource coordination
  • Unmatched grassroots community connections
  • Cultural program design and development
  • Successful entrepreneurial/small business experience
  • Web design and multi-media
  • Project Supervision and budget monitoring


  • “NAPI: The Trixster” - graphic novel/self-help resource
  • “UNeducation (PG Edition)” – graphic novel (distributed by Alberta Health, schools, universities, libraries etc throughout North America - over 97,000 sold so far!)
  • “UNeducation: A Residential School Graphic Novel (UNcut Edition)” - graphic novel
  • “We’re More Than Just Beads & Feathers” – graphic novella
  • “The Red Road” - mini magazine
  • “Luke WarmWater & The Man” - comic series


  • United Church of Canada, “Reconciliation” (website, book, online course) – illustrated resource
  • Muckleshoot Tribe Youth Program, "UNeducation & NAPI" distribution and teaching tools - illustrated resource
  • Canadian Heritage, “Indigenous Language: Strengths & Struggles” (website, ebook, publication) –
  • addresses why Indigenous language thrives in some families, but, not in others (yourlanguagestory.com)
  • Kainai Board of Education, “Today A Reader, Tomorrow A Leader” – graphic novel-inspired literacy program
  • Aboriginal Futures Career & Training Centre, “Transitions Guide” (website, guidebook, workshop kit) – illustrated resource
  • for transitioning to Calgary
  • Puyallup Tribe Timber Fish & Wildlife, “Youth Outreach” (website, surveys, workshop design) – marketing
  • AWO‘TAAN Native Women’s Shelter, “Annual Powwow” – marketing
  • Blackfeet College, “NAPI project” – animation cells
  • Calgary Board of Education, “Aboriginal Learning Centre” – front entrance/foyer design
  • Suncor Energy, “Engage Evolve” – illustrated resource for Indigenous stakeholders
  • Treaty Seven Economic Development, “Children’s Books” – illustrations
  • NAPI Friendship Centre Association, “NAPI Men’s Group” – marketing
  • … and countless more


Indigenous art has been a part of my life since birth. My grandfather, the late Glen EagleSpeaker, was a renowned artist that traveled the world with me as a young boy.  Many of my works today draw upon the timeless teachings he passed onto me. One aspect of Indigenous life that I have always felt wasn’t fully represented are traditional values (respect, humility, truth, bravery, honesty, love and wisdom). Sincere traditional values are the basis of culture, so this gap always left me wondering. As a result, I have always concentrated on showcasing the strength of traditional values. My graphic novel approach also gives me the freedom to address many aspects of Indigenous life that do not get enough attention (poverty, cultural “sellouts”, addictions, quality of life, racism, unemployment etc)

I have witnessed, first-hand, the destruction and trauma that resulted from residential schools and the horrific government policies which existed for all Indigenous people all the way up to the 1970’s (some schools were still open in late 80’s too). From my great-great-grandparents right up to my aunts & uncles, residential schools have impacted those well beyond just survivors. This too, is reflected in my works.

My preferred art methods are graphic novels and comics (digital and print), social media, interactive web design and smartphone applications - with a dual goal of revealing Indigenous-based humour and enhancing awareness of contemporary/ traditional Indigenous issues.